As part of the organization’s networking strategy, President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) Amin Nehme and Project Coordinator Rita Nassif visited the offices of Erasmus+ in Beirut, Lebanon where they met with the National Erasmus+ Office Coordinator (NEO) Dr. Aref Alsoufi, and the Project Manager Yasmine Al Gharib.

During the meeting, a wide range of issues were discussed in terms of the opportunities supported by the Erasmus+ programme, the submission of proposals, the consortium building process as well as the implementation procedures and requirements.

Dr. Alsoufi underlined the importance of the role LDN can play in the dissemination of the relevant information about the Programme’s opportunities and activities on both local and regional levels.

He consequently thanked the organization for “the continuous support and cooperation in creating an Erasmus+ friendly and fruitful environment while expressing his aspiration for a close and strategic cooperation through joint activities.”

In turn, Nehme delivered a short presentation about LDN’s scope of work and highlighted the significance of sustaining mutual collaboration by increasing synergies with the National Erasmus+ Office. 

The meeting provided a platform for an open and productive discussion in order to translate the ideas and plans into concrete action.

(LDN Newswire)