Catalyst 2030 Lebanon Chapter organized the first of a series Introductory Session dedicated to Lebanese young social entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers in addition to other interested activists in the field.

Catalyst 2030 Co-Founder Jeroo Billimoria inaugurated the meeting with an online welcome message while stressing the uniqueness of Lebanon Chapter’s initiative.

Lebanon Chapter Co-Chair and President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) Amin Nehme provided an introduction about Social Entrepreneurship, its characteristics and dimensions.

In turn, MENA Co-Chair, Lebanon Chapter Co-Chair and President of the National Diabetes Network (Dialeb) Jackie Maalouf addressed the audience with a general presentation about Catalyst 2030, Lebanon Chapter’s structure, future projects and the membership process.

Catalyst 2030 is a global movement of social entrepreneurs and social innovators from all sectors who share the common goal of creating innovative, people-centric approaches to attain the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

It comprises agents for change – NGOs, social entrepreneurs, intermediaries, funders and other social change innovators, collaborating in this urgent moment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Catalyst 2030 provides social innovators who share a deep sense of urgency over solving this century’s growing human and environmental crisis the opportunity to find each other, build relationships and co-create solutions to these problems.