The Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises BUSINESSMED held on October 20, 2020 an Extraordinary Elective General Assembly online with the majority of its active members. After the assessment of three past years of activity, the General Assembly officialised Ms. Barbara Beltrame from CONFINDUSTRIA as new President of BUSINESSMED, for a term of three years.

In her speech, Beltrame stressed that this new presidency will be a chance to rethink the major economic issues and opportunities of the region and to adapt the objectives of the organization's strategic vision, she said: “BUSINESSMED now more than ever has a strong and preponderant role to play, and a mission to accomplish in the next years in strengthening the positioning of the organisation and make the voice of the private sector heard in European, Mediterranean and African countries through international partnerships and a portfolio of regional initiatives.”

“It is now time for our Employers’ Federations to reflect, reconnect, rethink and reboot by embracing a long-term vision to respond and recover our region,” 
she added.

The Extraordinary Elective General Assembly voted for its news executive board composed of Ms. Betltrame (CONFINDUSTRIA, Italy), the first vice-president (FEI, Egypt), the second Vice-President (TUSAID-TISK, Turkey), an executive board member from the North (MEA, Malta) and an executive board member from the South (ALI-CCIAB, Lebanon).

BUSINESSMED is the main representative of the private sector that reflects the interest of 22 Confederations of Enterprises from States members of the Union for the Mediterranean - UfM.