About us


The Association "Embassy of Local Democracy in Zavidovici" was born in 1996. The project is based on the spontaneous initiative of a group of pacifists gathered in the Brescia Coordination Initiatives of Solidarity which in 1992, at the time of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, had begun to carry out relief operations and humanitarian aid for the civilian population, and at the same time to welcome refugees and displaced persons in Italy.

Since 2009, ADL has been the managing body of the welcome projects of the Ministry of the Interior (now called SAI) activated in several years by the lead municipalities Brescia, Cellatica, Calvisano, Passirano and Collebeato. Transformed into a Social Enterprise in January 2014, maintaining the title of ONLUS, the Association pursues non-profit civic, solidarity and social utility purposes, mainly articulating them into three areas: territorial services and migration; cooperation and development; training and awareness.

We have always been at the forefront of denouncing violations of human rights and advocacy for the right to asylum, promoting an evolution of national and European law adequate to respond to the challenges posed by the changes caused by the dramatic evolution of contemporary international scenarios.