This report presents the results from our survey, sharing data from 102 schools, institutions, and organizations that implemented 349 virtual exchange programs connecting young people in the United States with their peers in other countries from fall 2019 through summer 2020.

Virtual Exchange Guide for Senior International Officers: The goal of this publication is to guide Senior International Officers (SIOs) at postsecondary institutions in establishing virtual exchange as a critical part of inclusive internationalization. The guide outlines ten steps to starting a successful virtual exchange and includes four cases to highlight examples.

Exploring Environmental Sustainability: Promising Practices in Virtual Exchange: This publication highlights three virtual exchange programs that connect young people in different countries to develop solutions to environmental issues.

Curated Resources: Stevens Initiative Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic: To address a need to help educators, administrators, virtual exchange implementers and practitioners, and families adjust to digital education and learning, the Stevens Initiative developed a curated list of resources that can be used during the pandemic and in the future… more