In an endeavor to develop a solid and sustainable fundraising strategy, Saint Joseph University (USJ) organized a series of reflection sessions attended by the various stakeholders of the University, Fondation USJ and Hotel Dieu de France Hospital (HDF).

The sessions were facilitated by the Founder and President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN), Amin Nehme. They aimed at articulating a shared vision, maintaining a common approach and preserving a well-defined process vis-à-vis the designated fundraising plans.

In his inauguration speech, the Rector of USJ, Father Salim Daccache, called upon the University and HDF community "to create a chain of solidarity with and around the University.” Daccache highlighted the values that lead to effective outcomes such as "Solidarity, Commitment, Support, Transparency and Development."

"Because we believe that it is love and conviviality that can really save and help the realization of our projects, we want the USJ to have around it a network of excellence," he concluded.

In turn, the Director of the Fondation USJ, Mrs. Cynthia Ghobril Andrea, assured that "the Foundation’s team is always present to support all fundraising efforts, initiatives and projects." Andrea underlined that "these meetings will allow us to collectively reflect on the establishment of an internal structure that would bring together all the actors who wish to help."

In his interventions, Nehme stressed the importance of such meetings in the creation of new and innovative fundraising dynamics. He clarified that the seminars were meant to instill a modern and advanced culture within the participating institutions, change the internal perspectives towards prospects and donors, and respectively improve the related efforts.

The participants were distributed into three different groups gathering the Vice-Rectors, Deans, Directors, Members of the Federation of Alumni Associations, Members of the Council, Members of the USJ and HDF Steering Committees, Service Directors, Campus Administrators and the HDF Board of Directors.

The meetings created multiple avenues for idea sharing, brainstorming and deliberating on the most appropriate ways to strengthen the fundraising capacities within the three institutions.