On Wednesday November 3, 2021, the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) inaugurated the third online session of ‘Podium 2030’ series by hosting the Founder and President of CulturePolis, Dr. Vasileios Laopodis.

The meeting started with a brief introduction by Dr. Laopodis about his early life and career before presenting the report and the evaluation of the impact of CulturePolis’ actions over the past 15 years.

‘The Story’ which Dr.Vasileios Laopodis elaborated consisted of several Ideas: Pillars of Activity, CulturePolis Observatory, Our Ideas and Collaborations.

LDN President Amin Nehme moderated the session which concluded with Q&A from the MasterPeace Lebanon Club’s members.

‘Podium 2030’ is a special online platform dedicated to shed light on the network’s partnerships, programmes, activities and events. In addition, it provides partners and affiliates the occasion to showcase current projects and discuss upcoming opportunities.

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