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Italian Fashion International Spring Program 2018 May-20-18Personal Dynamics
Organizational Leadership & Development - Jordan Mar-09-18Personal Dynamics
Reflection on Fundraising Training Workshop Feb-24-18Fund Raising
'Managerial Leadership' Reflection Seminar  Personal Dynamics
Reflection on Personal Solicitation: "Face-to-Face Fundraising Approach"  Fund Raising
Team Building and Group Dynamics  Personal Dynamics
Meaningful Communication with Donors  Fund Raising
Classroom Management  Management
Anger Management & Aggression Control  Personal Dynamics
Change Management  Personal Dynamics
Business Email Etiquette  Personal Dynamics
Career Development  Capacity Building Program
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills - Jordan  Personal Dynamics
Reflection on Fundraising - Jordan  Capacity Building Program
Effective Report Writing  Capacity Building Program
Strategic Thinking & Critical Analysis  Personal Dynamics
Recruitment & Talent Acquisition - Jordan  Capacity Building Program
Organizational Leadership - Cyprus  Capacity Building Program
Advocacy & Communication Strategy - Cyprus  Capacity Building Program
Citizen Journalism & Social Media - Italy  Capacity Building Program
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills  Capacity Building Program
Advocacy & Communication Strategy  Capacity Building Program
Training of Trainers  Capacity Building Program
Cause & Community  Fund Raising
Practical Fundraising Methods  Fund Raising
The Giving Patterns  Fund Raising
Team Building  Personal Dynamics
Community Media & Social Networks  Personal Dynamics
Basics of Career Development  Capacity Building Program
Grant Seeking - The Funding Proposal Techniques  Fund Raising
Concept Note: Methods & Techniques  Fund Raising
The Basics of Non-Profit Marketing  Marketing
Human Rights Reporting  Personal Dynamics
Organizational Strategies & Planning Process  Capacity Building Program
Project Design & Implementation  Capacity Building Program
Monitoring & Evaluation System  Capacity Building Program
Social Media Strategies  Personal Dynamics
Fundraising Communication Tools  Fund Raising
Organizational Statement of Purpose  Capacity Building Program
Introduction to Advocacy: Basics & Fundamentals  Personal Dynamics
القيادة المؤسساتية والتحوّل التنظيمي  Personal Dynamics
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