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In our work with individuals, groups or organizations, our best experiences result from a mixture of training, coaching, reflections and simulations. These sessions of different lengths, intensity and content according to every organization’s need include a diversity of topics while using our state-of-the-art environment.

Training programs offered by LDN are designed to build a substantial knowledge base for practitioners in a relatively short-period of time. We provide skill-oriented learning opportunities focused towards the exploration of current topics related to effective development.

These programs aim to establish an important resource of improvement based on a profession that requires specific skills, norms and knowledge. Participants will obtain a comprehensive understanding of the essentials for effective communication with potential and current foundations, donors, partners and the public in general.

Moreover, these sessions provide guidelines for the aspects of effective strategic planning, image building, mobilization of teams, fundraising modern techniques and many other related subjects.

Our training key approach is formulated to deliver actionable knowledge across the most relevant aspects of this important business skill. These interactive workshops provide entry and advanced level – social marketers - with a comprehensive insight into the various phases of the process, through the exploration of a multitude of topics.

In a reality of continuous change, these simulations provide participants with special skills in order to best contend with the occurring modern challenges.

Coaching, we believe, is the heart of all change management. It focuses on finding and developing the innate style in everyone. LDN provides coaching to executives, managers and team members. We coach for specific complex situations and we adapt our schedule to the needs of the organization to improve productivity and working practices.

We tackle the key talents and abilities to build ‘well-rounded’ decision makers, extend new concepts of ‘change agent’ leadership with the aptitude to know the self and others, motivate through trust and problem solving to create a positive change in both people and organization.

Finally, while addressing our potentials, capabilities and behaviors, these vital personal experiences are concerned with the core human process of thinking, analyzing, learning and definitely making meaning to our lives.


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