The Lebanese Development Network (LDN) entered into a strategic partnership with Alhambra U.S. Chamber, Texas to provide high quality services in educational and commercial areas.

The agreement was signed by the President of LDN Amin Nehme and the Managing Partner of Alhambra Anjum Malik. It presents an exciting opportunity for both parties to bringing new content with a focus to the next generation of professionals.

This joint venture will enable the two entities to build on the mutual successes and leverage on the existing achievements in order to raise academic and entrepreneurship performance across the globe and help clients through successful transformations.

In the context of the MoU, LDN and The Chamber will provide a wide range of services including consulting, training and professional development programs, workshops and conferences with public and private sector organizations as well as scholarships and internships.

The Lebanese Development Network (LDN) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to assist individuals, groups and organizations develop their capacities by raising awareness and enhancing technical skills so they can improve their potentials, advance their progress and ensure their growth. LDN works in the education, culture, economy, social and health fields through the various strategic levels of Capacity Building, Social Marketing and Networking Practices, and provides Training, Consultancy and Program Development services. It endeavors to promote new paradigms for SMEs, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in collaboration with both the public and private sectors, and works as well on promoting the culture of democracy, human rights, dialogue and citizenship.

Alhambra U.S. Chamber (The Chamber) is a U.S.-based NGO committed to building closer ties between the US and other nations through increased educational and commercial cooperation. The Chamber is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the collaboration between the government, educational institutions, and business sectors. It operates within the public and private arena assisting schools, universities, governmental ministries, embassies, NGOs and businesses to achieve their goals – local and/or global.