In the framework of improving the work performance to meet the challenges related to autism, in Lebanon, the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) organized a special workshop dedicated to build the capacity of VIO NGO.

President of LDN Amin Nehme started the meeting with some general guidelines pertaining to the Statement of Purpose and the related aspects, the best Strategic Options for VIO as well as the associated Operational Structure.

During the seminars, participants were exposed to the major requirements of the cause they stand for, the basic techniques about how to express their core values and beliefs, and the need to define their priorities while crafting their work plans.

The material discussed created space for the Team to take stock of the significance that their work provides to their community. In addition, it offered them a professional development opportunity through acquiring a wide array of knowledge on how to implement new and effective ideas, select the most appropriate means to create a greater impact, and the ways to choose the proper approaches to fulfill the needs of the target population.

VIO NGO aims at being a network and an advocate for Lebanese autistic citizens and their families by breaking the jurisdictional, educational and socioeconomic isolation.