In an endeavor to tackle youth unemployment as well as the emerging skills gaps in the blue and green economy sectors in the Mediterranean Sea Basin, the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) joined a new consortium to implement ‘MYSEA’ project.

The Consortium is led by the Centro Informazione E Educazione Allo Sviluppo - CIES (Italy) and comprised a group of prominent organizations from Italy, Greece, Jordan, Tunisia and Lebanon.

‘MYSEA’ is a €3,695,010 EURO project aiming at meeting the occupational needs in the blue and green economy sectors by providing training and curricula development to help young people, women and those belonging to NEETs (not in employment, education or training) acquire hard skills and develop soft skills to make career choices, find quality jobs and improve their lives.

The training and curricula development include training schemes, mentoring activities and work-based learning.

‘MYSEA’ lies on three major pillars: 1) Reducing the skills gaps between supply and demand in the blue and green economy sectors, 2) calling on private, public, non-profit and other key actors working in these fields to act in support of youth employability and inclusion, and 3) building a pro-youth and pro-innovation movement around the Mediterranean.

The ENI CBC Med Programme acts to address the various challenges in the “Mediterranean Sea Basin” aiming at improving the lives of men and women across. It brings together the coastal territories of 14 countries in view of fostering fair and equitable development on both sides of the Mediterranean. Through calls for proposals, ENI CBC Med finances cooperation projects for a more competitive, innovative, inclusive and sustainable Mediterranean area.