On the International Youth Day, the EU highlights the importance of giving voice to the young people and empowering them to better address the challenges of the future.

The vast majority of the 1.8 billion young people are living in low-income countries, many affected by conflict. They have a key role to play in preventing and resolving conflict, countering violent extremism and building peace.

The EU has created extended networks of young people from Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia and elsewhere. These networks – such as the African Union – European Union Youth Cooperation Hub(link is external) or the Young Med Voices (link is external)- provide open channels of communication to discuss global issues, and to connect young people and leaders from the EU and from our partner countries.

The expectations of young people have to meet with concrete actions. Presently, the EU is conducting close to 30 crisis prevention and response actions on four continents to strengthen youth resilience and to promote youth peacebuilding.