About us


The Ciss - South-South International Cooperation Onlus is a non-governmental organization (NGO) active since 1985 in the various "south" of the world, among the countries condemned to be only a source of raw materials and cheap arms, seats of dictated conflicts from the hunt for resources, but also outskirts of the rich world where to relegate the excluded from work, those who are made weak by the lack of social services, the disabled, foreigners.

We work with grassroots communities, movements, associations, NGOs, local authorities through international cooperation activities, local development initiatives, in favor of marginalized sectors of the population, immigrants and non-EU refugees present in our territory.

Equally important are public awareness campaigns and the education of students and young people on development issues. The activity of the CISS as a sending organization of the European Voluntary Service fits into this context. And also for this reason over the years we have invested in the construction of a Documentation Center (CEDOC) which today represents a unique heritage of its kind.