3-7 May 2021
Connect. Celebrate. Accelerate.

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Each year, social entrepreneurs, representatives from the private sector, funders, and other agencies involved in systems change gather to showcase their work and the best practices that can accelerate our work in pursuit of the SDGs. It is a collective effort to highlight issues of common concern, and to advance practices of systems change. The Week serves as an opportunity to engage, to advocate, and to stimulate learning across our entire ecosystem. In 2020, Catalysing Change Week comprised 85 sessions that drew over 4,000 individuals. Together, participants represented more than 1,600 organisations across 131 countries.

At Catalysing Change Week 2021, we will unite experts, social innovators, and representatives from the private sector and governments to showcase, listen to and come to understand one another. We will also raise awareness of the outstanding practices in the field, and their potential to bring about change. 

Catalysing Change Week is an annual event over which we intensify our activities by bringing together stakeholders. Social entrepreneurs, representatives from the private sector, governments, funders, and other agencies involved in systems change gather to showcase their systems change efforts and the best practices that can accelerate our work in pursuit of the SDGs. These models of best practice are in keeping with recent findings from the Embracing Complexity and New Allies reports.

This year, Catalysing Change Week has three key themes:
Connect. We want to create an environment that enables collaboration and co-creation.
Celebrate. We want to encourage, inspire and re-energise each other as we go about our work.
Accelerate. We bring key stakeholders together to create tangible outcomes for policy making.

Our sessions will be structured around these three key themes.

The overarching goal is to change mindsets of current policy makers, funders and leaders, an improved understanding of the conditions that best allow social entrepreneurs and their allies to thrive. This understanding will then be translated into tangible policy recommendations and programs that can be implemented globally.

To achieve this goal, we have six key objectives for Catalysing Change Week 2021:
1. Celebrate positive systems-change models
2. Build commitment to systems change work in policymaking
3. Showcase practical problem-solving abilities within the network
4. Bring the voices of unheard people to the conversation
5. Accelerate efforts to achieve the SDGs by 2030
6. Learn from all network members and build capacity

The programme will feature five days of online ‘Catalysing Change’ sessions. Social innovators will share their systems change work with other participants, and create partnerships across countries, regions and sectors. Everyone is welcome to participate in Catalysing Change Week 2021. However, only Catalyst 2030 members and Catalyst 2030 Awards finalist can host sessions. All sessions will be co-created by membership. The secretariat will facilitate and organise the sessions.

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