On Wednesday, March 23 2022, the project partners of the ‘TOP – Transnational Orienta Express Platform’ held their Third Transnational Meeting online.

Representatives of the various organizations involved in the project attended the meeting and discussed major issues on the Agenda pertaining to the activities to be implemented during the second phase.

Other items took place as well such as the Work Packages, the Distribution of Tasks, the Communication Plan and the Quality Assurance.

‘TOP – Transnational Orienta Express Platform’ is a two-year Erasmus+ funded project. It falls under the KA226 Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness. It derives from the need to create the bonds, establish the appropriate awareness, and to guide different target groups towards effective school choices or job opportunities and stems from the idea that this journey towards one's own fulfilment starts with the knowledge of the particular characteristics of each individual, emerging from a self-assessment process.

It mainly seeks to empower all sectors in society through building bridges between people, reinforcing mutual understanding, and boosting economic and social development to enable Europe and its neighbors face the common challenges, and achieve social cohesion and sustainability.

The Consortium is comprised of: Oltre SRL, Italy – Amadeus, Austria – Eurocivis, Spain – European Career Evolution (ECE), Ireland – Association on Refugees and Migrants (ARM), Bulgaria – Lebanese Development Network (LDN), Lebanon – and Confederazione Nationale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impressa della Provincia di Pescara, Italy.