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Title: Call for Papers - FON University, North Macedonia
Date: 17-Dec-2019
Location: FON University, Skopje, North Macedonia

Contemporary Challenges on Protection and Managing of the Natural and Cultural Heritage

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) on its 34 General Assembly held this year in Kyoto, Japan brought a Resolution, considering that humanity’s current demands on the planet are unsustainable; the planet and all its inhabitants, human and non-human are facing an entangled series of unprecedented environmental and societal crises, the impacts of which: rising inequality, wars, poverty, climate change and loss of biodiversity, are serving to amplify these crises.

Over the last few decades, human activities, such as human-caused climate change and other human impacts on ecosystems, have transformed the Earth’s natural systems, exceeding their capacity and disrupting their self-regulatory mechanisms, with irreversible consequences for global humanity. Humanity has already been seriously affected by ongoing systemic ecological changes, such as climate change and land use change (especially deforestation). These have reached the point that the ecological foundations of human society and natural systems that support other species and provide invaluable ecosystem services are in great danger. Human activities are causing increasing amounts of pollution, to the extent that this is now recognized as the biggest single risk to human health worldwide. Continuing to live on the brink of or outside of ecological limits, from the global to the local, will make it dramatically more difficult to achieve prosperity, justice, equity and a healthy life for all. The need for humanity to remain within the planetary boundaries’ safe operating space and the need to eradicate poverty and accelerate social and economic development are linked by the concept of “a safe and just space for humanity”. To cope with this range of human-induced damages, including climate change, deforestation, desertification, loss of biodiversity, scarcity of natural resources, pollution, and the consequent natural and the associated environmental impacts, is a great challenge.

Iconic historic places are extremely vulnerable to worldwide rising sea levels, soaring temperatures and increasing extreme weather events place cultural heritage on the frontline of climate change, which also put cultural collections, such as archives, artworks and artefacts, at risk. Intangible heritage, such as languages and oral traditions, also face a fight for survival as climate change threatens to displace communities… more

Deadline: Dec 17, 2019

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