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Title: Oxford 25th Annual International Symposium on Childhood Education
Date: 13-Mar-2016 to 16-Mar-2016
Location: Harris Manchester College - Oxford University

This is a reminder that registration and abstract submission will be closing on January 30, 2016 for the 25th International Childhood Education Symposium during the dates of March 13 – March 16, 2016 at Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford, Oxford, England. Harris Manchester College is one of the thirty-eight colleges that form the University of Oxford and was founded in 1786. We are pleased to invite you to become a member of this Symposium. Membership is limited to approximately thirty-five (35) interdisciplinary scholars who have a particular interest in this subject.

You are invited and encouraged to make a presentation and to provide a paper on a relevant aspect of the topic, however your participation as a member of the Round Table is not contingent upon presenting and you can serve on a panel or as a discussion leader. Papers presented at the Round Table may be subsequently submitted for publication in theForum on Public Policy. Papers considered for publication in the Forum are evaluated by peer reviewers as to technical and substantive quality and for potential to make a significant contribution to new knowledge in the field.
Should you accept this invitation you will be joined on the programme by Hugh Benjamin (MEd in Drama and Education, Newcastle University, D.Phil, York University) is former Deputy Director of Stantonbury School Campus in Milton Keynes.  Most recently he has been involved in the national initiatives concerning the introduction of Vocational Diplomas and the Specialist Schools movement. He has been involved in educational consultancy work in Poland, Czech. Republic, Belgium and India. Dr. Benjamin returns to the Round Table for his sixteenth year.
Members of the Round Table have access to an array of academic, cultural and social resources, including the Oxford Union Debating Society, colleges and halls of Oxford dating back to 1204, museums, theatres, bookstores, college chapels, river boating, literary pubs, political clubs and may, on recommendation, become official readers of the venerable Bodleian Library of the University, founded by Duke Humphrey circa 1440 and refounded by Sir Thomas Bodley 1602. Some locations for independent travel would includeLondon (one hour south of Oxford), Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Cambridge or many of the other cultural sights in England.
Topics of discussion will include but is not limited to:
Early Childhood Education
•    Early STEM Learning
•    Reading First
•    The Creative Child
•    Children’s Speech
•    At Risk Children
•    Preventive Health for Children
•    Planning the PreK-3 Programs
•    Technology and the Young Child

Children’s Literature
•    The Culture of Literacy
•    Religion in Children’s Literature
•    Magical Worlds
•    Slam Poetry
•    African-American Children’s Literature
•    Children’s Literature Innovations
•    Fantasy and Dreams

Special Education
•    Least Restrictive Environment
•    Stay-Put
•    Regression-Recoupment
•    Interface with NCLB
•    Inclusion
•    Related Services
•    Crisis Intervention
•    Parent Collaboration
•    Designing the IEP
•    Manifestation Decisions
•    Extended School Year

School Administration and Leadership
•    School Policy and Governance
•    The School Leadership Challenge
•    The School Board
•    School Improvement
•    Curricular Enhancement
•    Public School and Religion
•    Involving Parents in School Partnerships
•    Involving the Community
•    Teacher Rights

Elementary Instruction
•    Elementary STEM Learning
•    Reading Progress
•    English as a Second Language
•    Health and the Child
•    Improving Learning
•    Art Education
•    Music Education
•    Mathematics Assessment
•    Early Science Assessment

Secondary Instruction
•    Secondary STEM Learning
•    Advanced Placement
•    Deterrents to Learning
•    Bilingual Education
•    Library Technology
•    Science and Math Performance
•    Electronic Instruction
•    English as a Second Language
•    Curricular Enhancement
•    Improving Learning
•    Performance Measures
•    International Performance

School Governance
•    Government Accountability
•    Alternative Sources of Funding
•    Health and Drugs
•    Bullying
•    Structural Changes in Schooling
•    Traditional Public Schools
•    Measurement of Performance
•    Rationalizing Universal Education
•    Government Funding of Parochial Schools
•    Collective Bargaining

Education Law
•    Bullying
•    Due Process
•    Affirmative Action
•    Title IX
•    NCLB
•    Sexual Harassment

Instruction and Support
•    Connected Learning
•    Technology Support
•    Distance Learning
•    Counseling and Psychology
•    Educational Technology and Multimedia
•    Transformative Education
•    The Role of IT in schools
•    Open Technologies
The conference will run from Sunday night through Wednesday morning.  We will have reception and dinners in the Olde Dining Hall on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. The Olde Dining Hall is where Oxford professors and students dine when the university is in session.  Lunches are provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday along with tea/coffee/biscuit breaks during the meeting.  You can also reserve a room in the Oxford University dormitory at Harris Manchester College where students stay during term time.  More detailed information can be found on our web site.
In order to ensure that you are registered in a timely and accurate manner, we recommend that you register on our website at www.oxfordroundtable.co.uk before November 30, 2015. Should you be unable to attend, we would welcome your nomination of a colleague to attend in your place. We look forward to hearing from you.
Costs associated with the program can be found on our web site.
Alternatively, we are also hosting a few other sessions in 2016 that may be of interest to you as well:
Literature, Language and the Arts, March 16 – March 19, 2016
Women & Education, March 20 – March 23, 2016
Issues in Childhood Education, July 17 –July 20, 2016
Environment, Climate Change and Global Warming, July 20 – July 23, 2016
Religion, Women and History, July 24 – July 27, 2016
Health, Aging and Nutrition, July 27 –July 30, 2016
Please direct all inquiries to:
Joss Gordon
Assistant Coordinator
International Round Table Symposiums
Telephone:  +44-1865-521505
Fax:  +44-1865-595590
E-mail:        coordinator@oxfordroundtable.com
Web Site:    www.oxfordroundtable.co.uk

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