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Cleverplay, The Bahraini Startup Putting the Fun in Fundamental Learning

Staff Writer Ahmed Budalama speaks to Latifa Al Khalifa, the mastermind founder of Cleverplay, where she walks us through how science, mathematics, engineering, arts and math are deployed in the fascinating world we live in. In today’s landscape, modern technology is ever-changing, and tech-based education is not an exception. Meet Cleverplay, Bahrain’s first STEAM-specialised education service provider, which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Founded by Latifa Al Khalifa and her band of sisters, the startup aims to bridge the gap in the education sector and further enhancing children’s learning experience by implementing a forward-thinking, adaptive STEM/STEAM-based curriculum. In today’s education system, especially in the Kingdom of Bahrain, they saw how the school system is not quite catching up with the rapid evolution of the knowledge and innovation economy. The demand for advanced skills not only for the present but more particularly for the future workforce is largely unmet. The world economy is shifting to a STEM/STEAM orientation and lifestyles are transforming accordingly to such trends, yet most school children maintain their lack of interest in STEM careers.

“It is in this spirit that Clever Play was founded. We lend our stimulating and supportive environment right from early childhood to encourage young students to explore and embrace the possibility of pursuing a college degree and eventually a career in STEM,” explains Al Khalifa on how she gave birth to her entrepreneurial child.

Thus, Clever Play was born. Today, it is here so that kids, from where they are, could meet science, mathematics, engineering, arts and math as intertwined parts of the fascinating world we live in. Latifa’s mission lies in the strong belief that STEM/STEAM is the new code for future-oriented education, as she works to spark, inspire and nurture kids’ interest in STEM/STEAM in order to build a pipeline of talent and address generational sustainability of skills through child-friendly training in the fundamentals of the 21st Century economy.

As a startup, Cleverplay’s combined engagements rocketed their reach to over 6,000 children on their pilot year alone. Their first efforts were acknowledged when they landed as Startup of the Year Finalist in the GESS Education Awards [Global Educational Supplies and Solutions] held in Dubai last February 2019. Additionally, a big stride that was recently achieved was Cleverplay being announced a National Winner in the Entrepreneurship World Cup held during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Bahrain in April 2019. The Entrepreneurship World Cup is a comprehensive and multi-dimensional platform for up and coming start-ups; an ongoing competition participated in by over 100,000 participants from 184 countries across the globe. Outside Bahrain, they are currently doing a summer engagement with the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Ithra in Saudi Arabia, to further expand and explore franchise opportunities to bring our services to the wider MENA Region... more

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