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The 100Mirrors Project

The 100Mirrors project is running in full swing this period. The first 4 outputs have been launched for piloting and the partners are actively running training programmes based on the methodology issued by the consortium. The outputs issued are the following:

IO3 - Guide How to coach disabled women for developing inclusive entrepreneurship
IO4 - E-training How to coach DWs for developing inclusive entrepreneurship
IO5 - Inclusive Entrepreneurship Manual
IO6 - E-training fostering inclusive entrepreneurship

The aim of the pilot project was to evaluate the training based on the Guide on Coaching/Mentoring and the Manual on Entrepreneurship.  The methodology is based on a mixed training program including face to face training, self-learning using the online platform and Job shadowing experiences.

Pilot Feedback - Malta
For GROUP ONE: The pilot was run with 2 different groups. The first group was trained on coaching/mentoring women with disabilities. We had a varied audience of trainers, mentors and freelancers. The group gave very good feedback on the pilot and everyone was happy to have participated.  The face to face training was given by 3 different trainers, who made the content very interactive and adapt to the present audience so that everyone could enjoy it.
Throughout the duration of the pilot, this group of women (most of which had never met before) became good friends and enjoyed helping each other face issues that they were currently encountering in their daily routines.

As for GROUP TWO: The second group was trained on entrepreneurship skills. The participants were a group of 6 women with disabilities that have a passion/art they would like to transform into a business.  Most of them have an artistic flair ranging from crafts to sewing and lace making.  These women, who had never met before really enjoyed the training and formed a bond between them.  They used the sessions also to help each other come up with new ideas for their future business plans.
They particularly appreciated the information given to them from experienced entrepreneurs about which entities to approach in Malta to be guided on how to start up your own business and about their personal experience of what it means to be a female entrepreneur in Malta.

The whole experience was very valuable for all participants and the general feedback for the whole project was very positive.

(AcrossLimits – Malta)

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