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Zoom In: Professor Gregoris A. Makrides

Professor Dr. Gregoris A. Makrides, holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the IIT-Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, USA. He taught mathematics in HEI from 1986 until 2006. He worked as a teacher trainer at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (1995-2000), as the Dean of Enrolment Management at the University of Nicosia (2000-2006) and as Director of Research and International Relations at the University of Cyprus (2006-2017), deputy director of Studies and Student Affairs (2014-2016) and in parallel he was the Executive Director of the European Office of Cyprus (2007-2016). Since 2017, he is elected visiting professor and appointed Director of Development for International Master and Doctorate Programmes at the VUZF University Research Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria for European Funds and Programmes and he is also elected visiting professor at the state University of STIP, FYROM in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. He is also the CEO of PROGNOSIS since March 2017.

He has more than 100 publications in refereed journals, conference proceedings and in public press. He coordinated 13 European projects since 2002 and has been a partner in more than 30.  Most recent projects he coordinated were, L-Cloud: Development of tomorrow’s Cloud Education Leaders (2018-2020), EDIPUS: European Digital Portfolio for University Students (2015-2017),  the Le-MATH: Learning mathematics through new communication factors(2012-2014), CAREER-EUshop: One-stop-service shop for career guidance counseling for Europeans (2008-2010), the INENTER: Improving the placements in internships from academia to enterprises (2010-2012), Be-Connected: Developing Liaison Offices between Academia and Industry (2009-2015), Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs “Europe EYEs are open” (Cycle 3 and Cycle 4, 2010-2014). He is the founder of several series of international events, such as MEDCONF in Mathematics Education, EUROMATH pupil conferences, CAREER-EU conferences, EAST-MEETS-WEST on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the SEEMOUS Olympiad, the MATHFactor Europe Competition, the MATHeatre Europe competition, the SCIENCEFactor Europe Competition, the SCIENCE-Theatre Europe Competition and many more. He is an organizer of and trainer in several EU training courses, mainly for teachers and has offered more than 100 courses since 2005.

He has chaired the organizing committee of more than 50 conferences since 1997 and has organized more than 100 National and Multinational competitions since 1995. He is the President of the following Associations: Cyprus Mathematical Society(CMS), European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators(EAEC), European Association of Career Guidance(EACG), Mathematical Society of South-Eastern Europe(MASSEE), THALES Foundation of Cyprus. He is also a Bologna Process Expert for Cyprus and the initiator of ERASMUS+ Barometer under EAEC since 2014.

His international recognition includes : (1) "2015 Best Research and Practice Project of the Year Award (Second prize), Le-MATH project (2012-2014), awarded by EAPRIL 2015,(2) The "2014 Award for outstanding achievements in development of the EU through European Projects", granted by the European Project Association (EPA). (3) Selected as one of the 20 member team of International Higher Education reform experts for the project “STEERING I and II” (2014 – 2018) through the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (DAAD).

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