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Sara Al Madani: The Quintessential Sharjah Girl

PASSIONATE IS THE perfect word to describe Sara Al Madani. Business, fashion, education, travel, life and of course her home town of Sharjah are all subjects that keep her driven. The well-known fashion designer, entrepreneur and founder of Sara Al Madani Fashion Design presents Rouge Couture has been hard at work since she was 15.

"I enjoy working hard and creating. To me success and business are not just about money. What drives you is being passionate about other things. Money is important but it isn't everything. I believe a pocket full of hope can take you way further then a pocket full of money. I'm a person whose full of hope and very passionate about what I do."

And almost 15 years later her passion, creativity, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit left such an impression that she was selected as the youngest board member of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

City Times spoke to Sara Al Madani in the Heart of Sharjah, about renaming her fashion label, the importance of culture and some of her great plans for Sharjah.

Why did you want to start a fashion brand at 15?
What made me want to go into fashion is that I didn't like the way the abaya was. It was just a piece of black cloth without any details. I love the idea that it's a modest garment because that's what it's supposed to represent. But the way it looked on the outside . . . I felt there is a lot more that should be done. Because I feel that every woman who is conservative or into her modest fashion or garments should have the right to look fashionable even with her traditional wear.

Tell us about the name of your brand.
I've changed the brand name, it was Rouge Couture. I wanted a name that was catchy and I went for Rouge because it had a meaning in every country. So you'd never forget it. Rouge means lipstick, red, heart it means love in different languages. Couture is basically what I do, which is to tailor things to a certain size and body and I don't just sell ready to wear items. I just changed my name to Sara Al Madani Fashion Design presents Rouge Couture so I kept some of the old aspects of the name but I've added my name to it because it's all part of my personality. I can't hide behind a brand name. It's me now... more



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