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Jasmin Diab Edits GAPA’s International Journal for Arts and Politics

Jasmin Lilian Diab, GAPA’s Head of Think Tank, edited the Global Arts and Politics Alliance's inaugural issue of The International Journal for Arts and Politics titled "The Public, The Private, and The In-Between: Women, Movement, Expression and Change", this Spring 2018.

The Global Arts and Politics Alliance (GAPA), an International NGO based in Graz (Austria), is a vision, a network, and a movement centering on critical political innovation, artistic expression, and the advancement of art activism. GAPA brings together a unique mix of artists, activists and change-makers.

The Journal, edited by Ms. Diab alongside, and featuring scholars and researchers from Austria, France, The Netherlands, England, Germany, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, Canada, Finland, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, and Lebanon, is a volume of academic and para-academic research across its four themes: Women, Movement (Migration), Expression (Activism) and Change (Reform).

As Ms. Diab states in her introduction: “The four themes in this journal are inter-disciplinary, inter-connected, and often enough exist in parallel across research, literature and discourse. They not only reflect four of the most timely challenges and themes the international community faces and focuses on today, but also lay the foundation for efforts in the areas of local and international policy, reform, sustainability debates as well as development initiatives. This is not only seen in international efforts such as the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, but also in on-going discussions and debates revolving around globalization, human rights, freedoms, as well as human dignity.”

She further elaborates: “Although in the past overlooked and overshadowed by debates in the areas of hard politics, power relations, and foreign policy debates, these four themes : Women, Movement (Migration), Expression and Change have proven to be pivotal in cementing sustainable international structures and comprehensive international policies in-line with individual and collective rights, civic and political rights, all while respecting the notions of freedom of expression, transparency, and political and social reform. "The Public, The Private, and The In-Between: Women, Movement, Expression and Change", is the product of beautiful minds, spirits, and academic research.”

You can read or download the International Journal for Arts and Politics’ Inaugural issue, here: https://goo.gl/4nckY9

You may also follow Ms. Diab’s research and writing through her Academia page, here: https://ndu-lb.academia.edu/JasminLilianDiab

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