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Dr. Fouad Zmokhol Receives the “Golden Award of Excellence 2017”

Dr. Fouad Zmokhol, President of RDCL World, was awarded the “Golden Award of Excellence 2017” for his “outstanding initiatives”, by the Arab Women’s Council - Arab Organization for Social Responsibility, at the InterContinental Citystars Hotel, Cairo – Egypt, on 18th October, as a token of appreciation for his exceptional efforts over the course of his professional career in the field of economy, and for his many achievements in various fields and their impact on the Arab region and the world around him.

The ceremony was held within the context of the 3rd Regional Forum on Social Responsibility, entitled: “Women’s Leading Role in Promoting Economic Growth and Achieving Sustainable Development”. The celebration was attended by prominent Arab and foreign diplomatic, social, business, and media personalities.

Upon receiving the award, President Zmokhol delivered a touching speech, stressing on “the role and impact of women in their family, society, work and country”. He also emphasized “the importance of men’s role in supporting and partnering with businesswomen to boost growth in the Arab region”.

Dr. Zmokhol thanked the Arab Women’s Council in the name of RDCL World and continued: “I cannot imagine a family without a compassionate mother and her influence in the upbringing of her children, without a sister, without a wife... Each has an active role in the growth, progress and well-being of a family. There cannot be a society without the presence of women, without their multiple talents and skills. It is equally impossible to find a company blooming without the women’s involvement, creativity and entrepreneurship spirit”.

President Zmokhol carried on to highlight “the role of Arab businesswomen who hold the highest positions and are working daily to advance the Arab societies and benefit our countries”. He encouraged “businessmen and businesswomen to work hand in hand in order to build more sustainable economies, achieve the desired growth and curb unemployment”.

Dr. Fouad Zmokhol concluded saying: “Let us join hands in the Arab world, to give full and equal rights to women, so that we can rehabilitate our countries. We will ultimately succeed socially and economically, wherever and whenever politics would fail”.

(RDCL World Communication)

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