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Batoul Brayeth

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Mobile phone: +961-70-796-278


Date of birth:     23 August 1988

Nationality:       Lebanese

Marital Status: Single

Address:           Beirut - Lebanon


El Batoul High School

Lebanese Baccalaureate in life science                                                             2005-2006

Lebanese University Beirut, Lebanon

 BA in Biology                                                                                               2007-2010

 Master 1 Biology - Animal Specialty                                                            2010-2011

 Master 1 in Agricultural Economics and Sustainable Development            2011-2012

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier (IAMM)

 Master 2 in Agricultural Management and territory – GAT                         2012-2013


Contract with the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)

  September (2012) – December (2012) / May (2013) - November (2013)

In the projects:

- "Monitoring the implementation of the contingency plan for avian influenza and other infectious animal diseases."

- "Support of fodder." 


Agricultural diagnosis (about Thesis Master 2)

         April - August 2013

Under the PSDL project: Strategic Local Development Plan which extends the municipalities of the Federation of Municipalities of Baalbek for 4 months.

Partners: Community of Communes Vallée de l'Hérault (34), the technical office of Lebanese cities, IAMM and the Faculty of Agronomy (Lebanese University).

    In the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)

                   April - May 2012

    In the department of statistics and economic analysis in the following areas: Organization of agricultural statistical information in systemic tables , participation in the analysis of the results of the agricultural census for 2010 , revision of the project document " Encourages Use Of Renewable Energy" in Lebanon.

                May - August 2012

    In the department of programs and projects in the following areas : participation in workshops in different Lebanese regions , monitoring and organization specific data of Ministry programs , participate in agricultural conferences, participate in agricultural activities on the field , filling and follow investigations related to various projects implemented by the Ministry.

               August 2009

In laboratory medical tests: Al Sahel Laboratories / Al Sahel Hospital in the following areas: Attend medical tests, results analysis and formulations.


Work of cultivation:

Several agricultural activities have been made in several areas in Lebanon and in coordination with associations for the maintenance of green spaces "Univert" and "Jouzour Loubnan.”

Various visits:

-          Several visits were made to several regions in Lebanon (Bekaa/Zgharta/Chweifet).

-          Formal visit to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization FAO.


  Superior analytical skills and negotiation.

  Excellent oral skills, written and interpersonal.

  Ability to work collaboratively and individually in a progressive environment.

  Leadership skills, ambitious, motivated and eager to learn.


 Arabic mother tongue

 Current French

 Fluent English


 Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Tanagra Software, Olympus Software, Cropsys Software, Simphy Software ...

 Internet and Intranet.


 Reading, Swimming, Music, Photography...