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Nizar El Danaf Sanaaeh, Beirut, Lebanon; + 961- 76- 601221 EDUCATION Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon Bachelor of Sciences in Business Studies Emphasis in Banking & Finance SPECIAL PROJECTS: Sep. 2010 – Feb. 2014 Cumulative GPA 3.69 Major GPA 3.82 1. Senior study project  Creating a new business with a limited budget. Opening a business From A to Z. Preventing opportunity costs, and taking in consideration costs so the project can survive. Conduct sensitivity and scenario analysis, and finding the breakeven point. Finally presenting the project to convince whether our project worth investing into it or not according to its revenue and risks. 2. Portfolio Management • Assessing the security market, making proper asset allocation, selecting specific securities, and evaluating the performance of individual securities and the portfolio in general. 3. Research methods project  Working in group to conduct a research aiming to present a new product to the market. Conducting questionnaires and analyzing data using SPSS and making a feasibility study to reach a conclusion concerning this project. 4. French baccalaureate project:  Conducting a project on a new technology (LED) in TV from two perspectives (History and Physiques) WORK EXPERIENCE Tutoring at LAU - Beirut, Lebanon (Freelancer) Feb. 2011 – present Tutoring: Economics (Micro, and Macro), Accounting, Security analysis, Senior finance to my colleagues Software maintenance for laptops and mobiles (Freelancer) Jan. 2009 – present I maintain software of computers especially windows (download, format, backup, restore …) I maintain software of Blackberry, Iphone and Nokia mobiles (Upgrade, downgrade, format, applications …). VOLUNTEER WORK & EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Sagesse Achrafieh and Sagesse Clemenceaux (2006-2009): Member of a Social group: Responsible of activities done in the campus, organizing events, visiting prisons and ect… Sagesse Achrafieh Summer Camp, Beirut, Lebanon (2008) Team Leader: Supervised young boys and girls at the camp CERTIFICATIONS /AWARDS  “Student Honor society” for two years 2012 and 2013  Lebanese Baccalaureate (General science)  French baccalaureate (Science specialty physiques Chemistry)  First-place winner in a project done with Sagesse social Club (Work Group to design a tree)  Medals to participate in Al Riyadi Basketball school and marathons SKILLS COMPUTER: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), SPSS. LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English Organizational/managerial skills: Leadership, organization and be a part of events (Responsible for a team in a social club. SPORTS: Running, Swimming, Basketball