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Georgette Sleiman Eid

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Georgette A. Sleiman Eid, CMA, CDCS

* E-mail                                      ,

* Mobile number                                 00961 3 856 004

* Nationality                                       Lebanese

* Marital Status                                   Married

* Date and Place of Birth                   November 8, 1972 Aitoo, Zghartha, North Lebanon

Objectives Statement

Self-motivated banking professional looking for a position where my education quality and my experience especially in Trade Finance can be put to good use in attaining effectively the new goals.


Professional Certifications

January 2013

CFA Level II Candidate

CFA Candidate number: 6707373.


June 2010

 “Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS)”, designation developed in partnership between the IFS School of Finance and the International Financial Services Association (IFSA) and endorsed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)/Paris

CDCS Candidate number: DC13225.


February 2008



Certified Management Accountant (CMA)”, designation developed by the “Institute of Certified Management Accountants-USA”

IMA member number: 1062258.

Training Courses

June 15,16,17,18/ 2010

Attending “The Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees

URDG 758” organized by “The Union of Arab Banks” at Coral Beach Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon.


March 10, 2009

Attending “Risk Issues in Documentary Letter of Credit Transactions” organized by “The Association of Banks in Lebanon” at Radisson Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon.


February 11,12,13/ 2008

Attending “Examination of Documents under a Documentary Letter of Credit according to Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits UCP 600 and International Standard Banking Practice ISBP 681”organized by “The Association of Banks in Lebanon” at Radisson Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon.


October 1998 – December 1998

Attending “Banking Accounting” organized by “The Association of Banks in Lebanon” at their premises in Beirut, Lebanon.


Work Experience

June 2011 – Present

Bank of Baghdad (Burgan Bank subsidiary) – Beirut Branch

*Position: Head of Trade Finance

1. Managing Import/Export Documentary Letters of Credit, Inward/Outward Letters of Guarantee, Inward /Outward Documentary Collection.

2. Assisting Trade Finance Headquarters Department in Baghdad with the technicalities of different Trade Finance transactions.

June 2006 – June 2011

Byblos Bank sal – Beirut – Lebanon

*Operations Division - Trade Finance Department

*Position: Deputy Head of Trade Finance Foreign Entities Outsourcing Section

*Main duties:

1. Perform/Control the full Import Documentary Letters of Credit outsourcing process relative to Byblos Bank Foreign Entities (located in Cyprus, Syria, Erbil/Iraq, Baghdad/Iraq, Khartoum/Sudan, and Armenia) along with the Post-financing of negotiated documents (if required).

2. Perform/Control the full Export Documentary Letters of Credit outsourcing process relative to Byblos Bank Foreign Entities along with the discounting of negotiated documents (if required).

3. Perform/Control the full Transferrable Export L/C outsourcing process relative to Byblos Bank Foreign Entities including the advising of the transferred L/C to second beneficiary and the negotiating of second beneficiary’s presented documents along with the substitution of relative second beneficiary documents by first beneficiary’s related documents (if any) along with first beneficiary’s documents negotiation and the settlement of net proceeds in favor of both first beneficiary and second beneficiary respectively.

4. Perform/Control the full Back-to-Back Import L/C outsourcing process relative to Byblos Bank Foreign Entities including Back-to-Back Import L/C issuance by respecting the terms and conditions of the Master Export L/C initiator of this type of transaction, along with the negotiation of presented documents under both the Back-to Back Import L/C, and the Master Export L/C with the respective net settlement under the Master Export L/C after mainly deducting Back-to-Back Import L/C negotiated amount.


April 2003 – June 2006

*Byblos Bank sal – Tripoli Tall Branch - North Lebanon

*Position: Personal Banker/Retail Officer

*Main duties:

>Performing customer account opening, with relative operations transactions like: check collection, Banker check issuance, transfers-in, transfers-out, etc…

>Performing the Retail banking transactions based mainly on Personal Loans, Car Loans, Housing Loans, Visa/Master Cards, etc….

>Identify customer needs to promote bank products and services.

>Coordinate with the Compliance Department regarding “Know Your Customer (KYC)” requirements.


January 2000 – March 2003

Byblos Bank sal – Beirut – Lebanon

*Department: Central Operations Department – Headquarters

*Position: Retail Products/Transfer Department Officer

*Main duties:

>Reconciling ATM (Automated Teller Machine) pending/objected transactions, etc…

>Reconciling Government Housing Loan accounting transactions,

>Executing Transfers-in and Transfers-out transactions,

>Executing Salary Domiciliation transactions,


November 1999


The Bank of Nova Scotia – Beirut

Employee number: 2319004

Assisting in the liquidation process of Nova Scotia Beirut Branch.


April 1997 – October 1999

The Bank of Nova Scotia – Beirut

*Last Position: Senior Accountant Clerk

*Main duties:

>Prepare required reports of “Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL)”, the “Banking Control Commissions (BCC)”, the “Centrale des Risques (CDR)”, and our Toronto-Canada Headquarters.

>Perform Nostro Accounts reconciliation.

>Perform the relative accounting transactions to End of Month (EOM), End of Quarter (EOQ), and End of Year (EOY).

>Perform salaries monthly transactions, and prepare the relative monthly and yearly required reports by both the “National Social Security of Funds”, and the “Ministry of Finance Tax Reports”



The Bank of Nova Scotia – Beirut

*First Position: Swift/Computer Operator

*Main duties:

>Perform “Start of Day”, “End of Day”, and “End of Month” processes under our used banking system (BankMaster).

>Prepare under SWIFT alliance, Outgoing Swift messages.


August 1995 – February 1997

Luna Press sarl – Zouk Mosbeh – Lebanon

*Position: Accountant and Stock Controller

*Main duties:

>Daily accounting transactions data entry.

>In/Out raw materials (Cartons/Ink) stocks transactions data entry.

>Check received documents from supplier, required under our Import L/C regarding imported raw materials.

>Organizing printed packages specimen (final products).

>Maintaining, organizing both suppliers and customers files.



October 1991 – February 1995

Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences earned from

The Notre Dame University (NDU) - Zouk Mosbeh, Beirut, Lebanon

Graduated with Distinction, having the highest GPA for  the Academic year 1994-1995,

and Winner of “General Kanaan 1995 Award”


Secondary School 1987-1990


Bacc II – Elementary Mathematics

Collége de La Salle, Kfaryachite, Zgharta, North Lebanon


Primary and Elementary School


Soeurs de la Charité, Zgharta, North Lebanon


* Good command of GLOBUS (Byblos Bank sal banking system)

* Good command of BANKS-Trade Finance Module  (Bank of Baghdad-Beirut banking system)

* Good command of different Microsoft Packages: Excel, Word, etc…..

* Good command of different office machines: printer, fax machine, photocopy, scanner, etc…..

* Good command of Arabic, English and French Languages.