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john hajj

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 Mobile: + 961 3 765712

 E-mail: [email protected]



Personal Information


  • Marital status: Married
  • Nationality: Lebanese
  • Date of Birth: 31.05.1982




2002-2007       : B.E. in Electrical Engineering – Notre Dame

 University, Lebanon             

June 2000       : Lebanese Baccalaureate, General Science branch.

1985-2000       : High School Diploma from Sagesse High School,

                         Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon.

Professional experience


July, Aug 2006 : Customer support department

 Training: Maintenance and installation of health

 care machines:

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Systems

Firm : Intermedic S.A.L.

Sept06-june07 : Maintenance Engineer

 Part-time job: Industrial machine maintenance

 Firm : Sanita Plant, Zouk- Lebanon

  1. June07-Mars09 : Production Engineer

 Job description:

  • Production and maintenance supervisor
  • Production control and management
  • Development and optimization of the production

 Firm : Sanita Plant, Zouk- Lebanon

  1. Mars09-Jan10 : Maintenance Engineer

Job description:

  • Electrical machine and site maintenance

                         Firm : Sanita Plant, Halat- Lebanon

  1. Jan10-Present: Maintenance Manager

Job description:

  • Maintenance supervisor Electrical/Mechanical

                         Firm : Sanita Plant, Halat- Lebanon



  • Intelligent driving car
  • Advanced Elevator project using a Microcontroller
  • Design project and application at Sanita’s industry, Zouk, Lebanon, part of INDEVCO group.
  • Modification and renovation of a diaper packaging machine
  1. Creating a new panel board
  2. Adding safety to the machine
  3. Redesign and adjustment of machine mechanical parts
  • Modification and renovation of Glue Tank Machine
  1. Electronic circuits for reading all types of sensors (RTD, Thermocouple)
  2. Microcontroller programming for the Glue System process
    • Design a control system for air compressor at Sanita’s industry
    • Car monitoring system:
      • Clock and temperature display, trip distance and economy calculator, maintenance reminder, alarm system…
    • Various circuits and executed projects: stroboscope, mixer, audio amplifier, robot, infrared sensor, ultrasound sensor, light sensor, temperature sensors, gate lock system with remote control, timer, program and board for  washing machines …



Good communication skills in French, English and Arabic (spoken and written).

Computer skills


AutoCad, Visual C++, Matlab, P-Spice, Electrical Workbench, PCB Designer, MicroCode Studio (micro controller program), Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet explorer.

Interests and activities



Invent and implement electronic circuits


Basket Ball, Jogging,

Part of a football team in Sanita’s Industry





References Available Upon Request