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DINA FAUZI HANANIA MAR ELIAS STREET, DRUZ ORPHANAGE BLDG, 3RD FL., BEIRUT PHONE 03-043988 OR 01-369791 • EMAIL: MARGOT.1925@HOTMAIL.COM OBJECTIVE A career path oriented towards people, based on the capacity to build communication channels with them; thus enabling them achieve their organizational goals. EDUCATION 1976 - 1981 Beirut University College Beirut, Lebanon B.A. Business Management 1976 Saint Joseph De L’Apparition, Beirut, Lebanon Baccalaureat Litteraire II LANGUAGES English, French, Arabic. WORK EXPERIENCE 2003-To date Abdel Rahim & Chafic Diab Off Shore Beirut, Lebanon Personal Assistant to the General Manager 2002 – 2003 American University of Science & Tech. Beirut, Lebanon Human Resources Manager  Supervise & control the attendance of faculty & staff.  Manage H.R. operations and requirements  Issue regular reports to the President of the University 2001 – 2002 Haigazian University Beirut, Lebanon Recruiter  Oversee all recruitment activities, including P.R. activities related to recruitment.  Interpret the nature and purpose of Haigazian University to potential students.  Networking with the media, community leaders, key people at schools, faculty members, student, graduates and their families. 1987 - 2000 Fauzi Hanania & Co. s.a.r.l. Beirut, Lebanon Manager  Contact the supplier for purchasing, shipping, costing, correspondence and follow-up.  Manage the relationship with customers concerning sales, orders, pricing and follow-up.  Manage the employees: organize, coordinate, delegate authority, control and follow-up on their work.  Contacts with the banks. 1986 – 1987 Summerland Hotel Beirut, Lebanon Secretary to the General Manager Correspondence and follow-up, filing, organize appointments 1983 – 1986 Levant Distributors Beirut, Lebanon Subscriptions Supervisor  Contact the subscribers (present and potential)  Contact the publishers.  Follow-up on the subscriptions. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Participate in cultural and educational events concerning human rights as well as local and international issues. INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES 1. Reading, listening and watching local and international news. 2. Reading about health issues. 3. Attending seminars. 4. Travelling to almost 15 countries (such as France, U.S.A., U.K., U.A.E., Germany, Qatar, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Jordan, Egypt and Cyprus). COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES Participate in campaigns and community endeavours related to development issues. HOBBIES 1. Attending concerts: mainly classical music, opera and Rahbanis. 2. Walking and exercising. REFERENCES 1. Dr. Ziad Ghazzal, American University Of Beirut, Faculty of Medicine & Medical Center, phone no.01-355500 ext 5800. 2. Dr. Fadi Moughaizel, Attorney, phone number 01-425 222. 3. Dr. Frieda Haddad Abs, lecturer, Haigazian University, phone no.01-741769. 4. Mr. Jihad Naufal, Levant Distributors, phone no.01-488444. (Note: recommendation letters available upon request) SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS  Ability to do research and prepare reports and proposals on business and community issues.  Ability to manage business operations (import-export) and to deal with all necessary stages and transactions in this field.  Intensive experience in marketing and distributing products from several categories.  High capacity in communicating with people of all socio-economic and educational levels, as well as building interactive relations with them.  Intensive experience in management of human resources and organizational coordination and change.  Ability to establish and implement plans in the different fields of experience. PERSONAL INFORMATION 1. Marital status: single. 2. Nationality: Lebanese.