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Bassem Zein

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Over 27 years, I gained immense experience in Journalism in the Arab world topped by a diverse mix of marketing, corporate communications and public relations for more than 20 years of operating in the GCC. Most recently, I work for CPI Media Group in the capacity of Editor in Chief for SME Advisor Magazine (

Before Joining CPI, I worked for a 9 months assignment to handle PR and media relations consulting mainly in Saudi Arabia and UAE for major regional companies  namely in real estate, hospitality, FMCG, as well as assisting a semi-government Qatari organization in building the media &PR dept. including recruiting and training a team of 12 people in specialized in media relations, crisis management, events, brand equity and guidelines, social media and internal communication, community and Stakeholders relations. Prior to this, I served as Marketing and Communication lead for Accenture Middle East.

My career experience in the GCC carried me to Oman where I joined Haya Watar, a USD 6 billion infrastructure project for Muscat. As a Marcom Manager, I helped the organization to establish the department and hire Omani national as well as train them to handle the department in 2 years.

My vita also includes immense financial PR experience when I served as VP Marketing and Communication for Rasmala Investment, one if the leading Middle Eastern Investment Banking firms. I also conducted major media relations campaigns for the Netherland Foreign Investments Agency, Super Fund, Bashayer Investment, Dubai Investment and  Meethaq Islamic Insurance. 

My on-ground experience in Saudi Arabia includes the post of Communication Manager for Red Bull Energy drink and Account Director for Ailamia Burson Marsteller.

My roots in Journalism are well-entrenched. I started my career as a freelance journalist in 1987 during the Lebanese war including a full time job as an editing journalist in 1990 at the Kuwaiti Al Siyassah newspaper as well as a retained columnist for more than 10 years for Al Hayat Newspaper.

Born and raised in Lebanon, I speak Arabic, English and French, and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from the Lebanese University and practiced photo-journalism for many local and international agencies.